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Welcome to Project Reality Roleplay
We are a SA-MP roleplay community which we operate our very own roleplay server.
We have been around since 2009 becoming one of the most popular English roleplay servers.

You can register for a account for our game server by visiting www.ucp.pr-rp.com
Once you have registered make sure to create a character for a in-game account.

Helpful information
You can check out a list of tutorials provided by members at our guide forums.
If you need any help with anything check out our questions and help desk forums.
If you need help to register in-game check out our How to register a in-game account tutorial.
If you do not know how to roleplay check out this guide.

Game Server IP:
Teamspeak IP:

We use SA-MP a modification for GTA San Andreas download it at www.sa-mp.com

» The closing of PR-RP as decided by you the members

Jul 25, 2014 - 3:50 AM - by Mr187
Hey everyone,

So I announced earlier today a date set for expecting closing PR-RP. My original hope was this thread would lead to Milan and Fresh actually stepping up including Matrix and things getting better and improved. Instead I was wrong and all the key people I spoke about on that thread decided to be immature about it and nobody replied, everyone of them didn't even try to explain themselves to me or anybody else even privately. I had Matrix himself give out admin and inviting everyone to LSPD and admins on admin duty shooting and killing people.

So as you all decided to not improve and instead just help let the community die mainly Matrix's immaturity I decided to make all your wishes true to those people. PR-RP is now officially closed for good.

It is really a sad day for me because I spent hundreds of hours on the forums handling stuff and trying to make things improve, I've spent hours helping open this community and organize everything and setting up the dedicated server and maintenance to it and it's a horrible ass day for me but I knew things were going to go south sooner or later because I was the only one keeping things together along with Matrix. Once I become inactive as I have a baby coming in September and Matrix seems to have lost motivation PR-RP would be done for.

Things didn't improve and only got a whole lot worse withing the past 8 hours which shows me that this community isn't ready to improve and I can't stand by and watch it die slowly so I'll close it instead.

Thanks to everyone for the support and thanks to the people who decided to help make the decision faster by being idiots because now I can stress a lot less.

Follow our facebook at http://www.facebook.com/projectrp and whenever I have a new project I'll post it up on there.

Good bye, 187.
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» Maintenance at 17 July 2014 [11:00 - 15-16:00]

Jul 16, 2014 - 7:08 PM - by Milanosie
Tomorrow at July 17 the sever will be locked down for maintenance in an attempt to fix the recent crashing.
This requires me to lock it down to test various settings/changes in the script and see if it fixes anything and to have free access to the database without causing issues while the server is running.

It'll start at either 11:00 or slightly later, depending on what time I'm home
(I won't be home over the night, so it might just take a little longer!)

I'm sorry for the recent issues and for the locked-status tomorrow, but I'm afraid that I've got no other choice than doing this.


*All times are in CET (GMT + 2, server time)
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» Hiring a experienced SA-MP Scripter

Jul 16, 2014 - 3:29 PM - by Mr187
Hey everyone,

so as a lot of you have noticed PR-RP has become a train wreck especially for actual working being done on the gamemode for maintenance and bug fixes and support so as of now PR-RP is now looking for a new scripter to come in and likely replace our main inactive scripter if things go well.

We will not be hiring anybody who is not also known in the PR-RP community so please do not message if you're a new player with only like 20-30 posts.

I won't be providing any format or anything as I rather somebody professional should be able to private message me themselves with a professional application and examples.

I am not saying we will forsure pick somebody, but as of right now we are hiring and looking.

Community Owner Mr187.
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» The selling of properties if inactive or banned

Jul 08, 2014 - 5:20 PM - by Mr187
Hey there,

So I noticed were starting to get people asking about what we are going to do about inactive players and banned players properties. So I decided a rules thread should be created to basically explain how things will go.

We hope to set up a system sometime soon and this is how it will work
IF you are banned for over 40 days will lead to the removal of your properties.
IF you have not logged in for over 60 days will lead to the removal of your properties.

The reason for this is to allow for actual players who play on our community to be able to use these properties. If you decide to come back and your properties where sold because of this system you will not be refunded as it is your responsibility to keep your account on-going. Most cases anybody who has been banned over forty days or hasn't logged in for over sixty days has decided to give up on their account for the meantime.

The system will be put into place shortly.

Thanks for reading,
Community Owner Mr187.
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