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Welcome to Project Reality Roleplay
We are a SA-MP roleplay community which we operate our very own roleplay server.
We have been around since 2009 becoming one of the most popular English roleplay servers.

You can register for a account for our game server by visiting www.ucp.pr-rp.com
Once you have registered make sure to create a character for a in-game account.
Once approved login with that character name in-game along with your UCP password.

Helpful information
You can check out a list of tutorials provided by members at our guide forums.
If you need any help with anything check out our questions and help desk forums.
If you need help to register a account in-game check out this tutorial.
If you do not know how to roleplay check out this guide.

At any time you can contact Mr187 (PR-RP Owner) by forum private message or e-mail

Game Server IP:
Teamspeak IP:

We use SA-MP a modification for GTA San Andreas download it at www.sa-mp.com

» PR-RP Logo Contest

Nov 27, 2014 - 11:20 PM - by Mr187
Hey Guys,

Alright so this should be a lot easier than the forum banner contest which none of us in management could actually agree on a banner together I think having a actual logo for us would make things a lot easier to do a banner contest later on as well.

So we need a logo that we can place on screenshots / banners / facebook etc just like one created a while ago

Please do not base it off that logo it's a example of a actual logo.

Contest Terms
If you decide to enter the contest by replying on this thread with a submission, you give PR-RP and myself full ownership rights and the right to use and edit the design for any purposes.

When submitting your logo by replying on here the logo must not contain any 'example text' or 'design by' or include your name.

Winner must provide PSD file before receiving prize items.

How do I enter?

You enter just by replying with your submission.

What is the prize?
3 month subscription of club package
A free car ticket
● Four free name changes added to their account
Winner will receive the following prizes to one account only

Contest will end Dec 5th 2014
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» Dedicated Server maintenance 05:00 Server Time (11PM Eastern US)

Nov 21, 2014 - 8:53 PM - by Mr187
Hey everyone,

I will be performing a maintenance period tonight at 11PM Eastern US GMT -5 or 6:00 server time on the dedicated server to help do some optimizations and performance enhancements towards the SQL and Apache and PHP.

The maintenance will take about thirty minutes but to perform tests the period will last for about a hour till 6:00 server time (12AM Eastern US)

During this period the game server will be offline for about a hour to perform tests and to avoid SQL issues due to restarts to the mySQL server and dedicated server. The website will be on and off during the hour period as well and same goes for the teamspeak.

This is being done to mainly help performance and security, I been reading up a few guides and information and there is a number of changes I want to do to help and there is no way I can do it while the game server is online.

Best Regards,
Community Owner Mr187.
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» "Help I forgot my password!"

Nov 18, 2014 - 12:04 AM - by Milanosie
Hello everybody!

There's been way too many 'Help I forgot my password!' threads lately, especially since the server just re-opened.
So to avoid us having to do so much useless and unneeded work, I'll just be giving everybody a friendly reminder here!

There is a way to retrieve your password if you forgot it, all you need to know is the e-mail address you used to register (which shouldn't be hard, unless you used a random-email generator, which is pretty stupid).

Out of security reasons, administrators will NEVER private message/email you your password manually, because it's very easy to pretend to be someone. If you don't have access to your e-mail address, we are sorry but you'll not be able to retrieve your password!

So how do you retrieve your password if you lost it?
It's actually really simple!
All you have to do is head to the Control Panel (LINK), click "REQUEST PASSWORD" and type in your e-mail address!
That's really all you'll have to do.

IF however, this does not work. You are free to request assistance at the help desk.

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» Game Server offically opened

Nov 16, 2014 - 9:31 PM - by Mr187
Hey guys,

So our game server is now officially opened and were back to SA-MP officially as of now!

IP Address:

You can also find us on the hosted list ;)

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If you stumble upon a 'feature is currently unavailable' message, it's a system that has been temporarily blocked. It's one of our main priorities to have it back up and running, so don't be worried.
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